Devotee's Service

Shri Udaram ji son of religious genetleman Shri Chuni lal ji mali sankhala and Smt. Chotabai had got religious feeling in legacy. In samvat 2020, he got opportunity to visit Santoshi Mata, served by his ancestors. There the feeling to see the temple beautiful awakened in his heart. For that he did lot of endeavors. As a result, a small child can also reach Santoshi Mata’s temple without any difficulty. Previously it was very difficult even for any healthy young men to reach the temple. A successful effort of devotee Udaram ji has changed the complete path between mountains to path of light. His hard work changed the complete scenario of the temple. With the collaborative efforts of Udaram ji and fellow devotees, they were able to bring up Yogeshwar Mahadev temple, Katha Bhawan and Rest house near Santoshi Mata’s temple. After seeing the facilities provided in temple, devotees appreciate the work of Udaram ji and fellow devotees. On the occasion of Navratra there is intact lighting of lamp, Havan (holy rituals in hindus) and chanting every year. Every third year, Bhogishall devotees finish their voyage successfully by doing parikrama (path surrounding some thing). Santoshi Mata temple in India, has been made in every village, every town but this is the oldest temple of ancient times. This temple of Santoshi Mata is thousands of years old that is the reason why a devotees from every part of the country visits this temple to fulfill their desires.